Past events

Past Events

On 30th November 2020
Until 30th November 2020

The European mining boom: rhetoric vs reality

Traduccíon en castellano debajo The European Commission is ramping up plans for the expansion of mining in Europe for critical minerals and metals, as part of plans for a ‘green’… Read More

On 29th September 2020
Until 29th September 2020

Webinar- The Right to Say No: European Struggles and Successes

Register now (required): Europe faces a massive increase in mining in the years to come, as the EU and national governments seek to repatriate mining operations and secure domestic… Read More

From 3rd October 2019
Until 5th August 2019

March for Good Food, Good Farming and Climate Justice!

  On 5th October 2019 Gaia will join the Land Workers Alliance, Sustain, the Soil Association and many others to march through London for Food, Farming and Climate Justice. Last… Read More

On 30th September 2019
Until 30th September 2019

Flourishing Diversity

The Flourishing Diversity Series invites you to a unique opportunity to listen, dialogue, and participate with indigenous leaders from across the world. Wisdom traditions hold many of the answers to… Read More