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If you clicked on this page then you might just be considering making a donation, and for that we thank you! We’re a very small team trying to do some very big things, and we’re often limited by the funds we’re able to generate, particularly as fundraising is a very time-consuming business in its own right. Any support that you can give will go a long way, that we promise.

We like to think we’ve made a difference over the last 30 years as an organisation. Here’s a few kind words from inspiring people we’ve supported and worked alongside along the way.

Thank you!

The work of Gaia is amazing. Its base in London is unique: a haven where people who represent the marginalised world can meet to share ideas, strength, courage and wisdom– and speak out on behalf of many, many others.”

The late, great, Prof. Wangari Maathai who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004

No one’s working harder than Gaia to represent the grassroots at the highest levels. They’re way ahead of most other groups and increasingly vital.”

John Vidal, former Environment Editor, The Guardian

Without the Gaia Foundation’s unfailing support for two decades, we could never have achieved so much towards securing living, lasting solutions to poverty and climate change. Gaia is a true environmental hero.”

Dr Vandana Shiva, founder of the Navdanya movement in India

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We live in a time of multiple, complex crises. There are no easy answers. Working to uphold the health and diversity of our living planet is always rewarding, but we think you’ll agree it can sometimes feel like swimming against the stream. And yet like salmon we leap, and more often than you might expect, we make it. We invite you to make the next leap with us by making a donation of any size. Thank you for your solidarity.