This Seed Week, from 24th – 28th January we invite you to take the Seed Packet Pledge.

By donating £2.50 per month – that’s the average price of a packet of seeds – you can help sow the Seed Revolution, supporting Gaia’s Seed Sovereignty UK and Ireland Programme.

If you’d like to see a locally adapted, resilient, abundant and nutritious seed system take root across the UK and Ireland, here are a few of the ways that you can support us:

£2.50: Take the Seed Packet Pledge

Donate the price of a seed packet – £2.50 per month – to support our work for seed and food sovereignty and become a Gaia Ally.


£25: Wear the revolution

Buy our Seed Revolution merch, featuring artwork by Isla Middleton. T-shirts are printed using water-based inks on organic cotton and can be traded in when worn out! All proceeds support our work.


£250: Save seed knowledge

Knowledge of seed saving is on the brink of being lost. A donation of £250 will give five growers the chance to join one of our seed saving trainings, safeguarding a vital skill that underpins a seed revolution.