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African Biodiversity Network: Reflections on 20 years of work The latest instalment of the African Biodiversity Network's excellent newsletter series celebrates and explores almost 20 years of ABN's work to pioneer African solutions to the continent's socio-economic and ecological problems. Includes contributions from a number of network members on the living system that is ABN, and a moving reflection on what it means to be a martyr of seed and community knowledge. Read more...
The Voice of The People: Ugandan Community Green Radio celebrates first anniversary Community run radio stations have a radical potential to inform, connect and help organise local opposition to destructive mining in defence of land, life and culture in culturally appropriate ways. In Uganda's 'oil region', our partner NAPE have been fostering just such an initiative. The Community Green Radio is now in the hands of the people and celebrates its first birthday today. Read more...
We raise our voices on the Global Day Against Mega Mining Every year on July 22nd groups and communities unite to demonstrate on the Global Day Against Mega Mining. Showing our support and solidarity, Gaia joined and supported actions happening planet-wide as part of this year's protests. Here you can read our collective message to the mining industry, it's proponents and the world as we affirm our commitment to saying Yes to Life, No to Mining! Read more...
Discovering the secrets of Benin’s forests to improve nutrition Recognising the importance of wild foods and forest fruits for nutrition, Gaia and our partner GRABE-Benin feature in The Guardian today. The WHO’s current recommendations for combatting malnutrition include fortifying food on an industrial scale. Instead, how about mapping Benin's edible forest plants to prove that they can provide the vitamins and minerals needed? Read more...


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Our world seems to get smaller and bigger at the same time. It gets smaller through the numbers of people who demand commodity rights over its life processes.
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