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When gold mining threatened ‘el Yuisi’ falls, a major sacred site for indigenous communities in the Colombian Amazon, the elders and shamans took steps to block this violation of their ancestral lands. Local indigenous organisation, ACIYA, was supported by Gaia Amazonas in proposed that their resguardo’ (indigenous territory) is included in the national system of protected areas. They developed a special management plan for Yaigojé Apaporis, based on their culture and practices. This film shows the dedication of young indigenous leaders to strengthen their traditional knowledge, to protect Yaigojé Apaporis and the sacred falls, for future generations and for the global community.
The Sheka Forest Story shows the power of collaboration. Sheka forest is one of Ethiopia's largest and last remaining tropical forests in which there are many sacred sites. Clan leaders, the local community and the local government have come together with the support of our partner, MELCA- Ethiopia, to help secure the future of the forest, its rich bio-cultural diversity and to enhance sustainable livelihood options. The film tells an enchanting story of the complexities of forest governance at a time when it has never been more critical. It takes everyone to protect a forest; it only takes a few to destroy it.

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