Defend Earth’s Defenders- donate to Gaia and Yes to Life, No to Mining 

At the heart of Gaia’s work is a commitment to support indigenous and land-based communities who stand on the frontlines of struggles to protect the Earth. These communities put their lives on the line every day to defend our living planet.  

In 2018, more than three people were killed every week for defending their livelihoods, lands, waters, endangered species and our shared climate. Most killings took place in the Global South as a result of conflicts over extractive projects, where companies, states and paramilitaries, often acting together, try to force mining projects, agribusiness plantations, logging and more onto people’s lands.  

Despite the increasing aggression brought against them, from the Amazon to the African Rift, indigenous and land-based communities remain nature’s best custodians. Much of the world’s biodiversity can be found in their territories, and many are also working to restore and regenerate Nature.  

Not only are Earth’s Defenders stopping the bleeding at a time of crisis and extinction, they are starting the healing. And they need our support. 

This December, ethical outfitter Patagonia is offering to match any donations made to Gaia through the Patagonia Action Works platform, up to a value of €10,000. 

If you donate £10 to Gaia, Patagonia will donate £10 to Gaia. If you donate £500, Patagonia will donate £500. Through Patagonia Action Works we can double your support for Earth Defenders around the planet. 

Please consider making a donation today. Any contribution, large or small, opens up amazing opportunities. 
Every penny of your donation will go to support Gaia’s work as a member of Yes to Life, No to Mining (YLNM)- a global solidarity network of and for Earth Defenders. 

The network supports member communities and organisations on every inhabited continent to protect critical ecosystems, the climate and endangered species from destructive mega-mines, and to pursue livelihoods that are socially just and help regenerate the Earth. 

This work has never been more important. As demand for many minerals and metals increases mining companies are seeking to profit from ‘Green Colonialism’. They are greenwashing their destructive activities by presenting them as essential for the transition to renewable energy. But in reality only a fraction of future demand comes from renewables. Most comes from heavy industry, the military and the overconsumption of luxury goods. 

We can’t mine our way out of the crises we face. When you’re in a hole, you have to stop digging. 

Read a series of first-hand, interactive stories about the work of YLNM member communities from Papua New Guinea to Myanmar who are showing us different ways into the future. These are pathways to ‘post-extractivism’, where we consume less and care more for community, climate and our one, precious home- Earth. 

Stand in solidarity with the communities making the future today- donate to help double-up support for Earth’s Defenders.  

Remember, for your donation to be matched, it must be made before December 30th