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22nd March 2022

Gaia’s Equinox Update

This weekend we celebrated the Equinox, ushering in spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and autumn in the south. As is our custom at times of equinox and solstice, we have… Read More

8th April 2021

Subscribe to Gaia’s Earth Jurisprudence Updates

In service of the emerging global movement for Earth Jurisprudence, Rights of Nature and eco-centrism, Gaia produces a monthly online update that gathers together the most exciting Earth-centred news and… Read More

6th November 2020

Oceans Conference in Uruguay: declared an event of national interest

Marine reserves, blue economy and blue carbon are some of the key issues to be addressed in this 2nd Oceans Conference, an all-day event on Friday 20th November, organised by… Read More

6th November 2020

In memoriam: Percy Schmeiser, farmer and seed saving crusader

A canola farmer from Canada, Percy became famous for his battle against agrochemical giant Monsanto. His name became synonymous with the legal fight against patent rights and “The Toxic Legacy… Read More

22nd October 2020

Launch pack: We Feed the World

Below we share suggested texts, images and graphics you can utilise to help Gaia amplify the launch of the We Feed The World photo book on social media, via email… Read More

7th September 2020

We Feed the World – a global photographic project

From the icy waters of Northern Sweden to the humid depths of the Amazon rainforest, We Feed the World explores the triumphs of small-scale farmers and fisher-people who feed themselves and others… Read More

8th June 2020

This month in Uruguay – celebrating the oceans!

A lively agenda of talks, virtual roundtables and children’s activities is marking a world oceans month in Uruguay, thanks to our local partner OCC (Org. for Cetacean Conservation). Accompanied by… Read More

7th June 2020

We’re Hiring: Office & Learning Centre Administrator

We’re looking for an experienced Administrator to join our small team, for the Gaia office and learning centre. A description of the role and all the information you need to… Read More

24th March 2020

How to share… Custodians of Life

This document provides guidance and suggested social media posts for those wishing to share the new film from The Gaia Foundation and partners – Custodians of Life: Reviving Culture and… Read More

23rd July 2019

Oceans Conference in Uruguay: “are you listening”?

“It is time to listen to the oceans” – will be one of the messages at the first ever Oceans Conference to be hosted in Uruguay, where marine specialists will… Read More