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Full Earth Jurisprudence Library

This Earth Jurisprudence library holds some of the materials on Earth Jurisprudence, and interrelated knowledge systems including Community Ecological Governance, Laws of Origin, Wild Law, Gaia Science and Resilience, Eco-Literacy, and principles including the Rights of Nature, Ecocide and Future Generations.

Thank you to all those contributing to the revival and practice of Earth Jurisprudence for sharing your wisdom and work.

This is a living library so please do contact The Gaia Foundation to recommend additional materials.

Earth Jurisprudence


Berry, T. The Great Work: Our Way into the Future (Three Rivers Press, 2000)

Berry, T. ‘Every Being Has Rights‘ (23rd Annual Schumacher Lecture, 2003)

Berry, T., Evening Thoughts Reflecting on Earth as Sacred Community (Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, 2006)

Berry, Thomas., 10 Principles of Earth Jurisprudence

Cashford, J., ‘Dedication to Thomas Berry’, in Peter Burdon (ed) Exploring Wild Law: The Philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence (Wakefield Press, 2011).

Further Reading

Bell, M., ‘Thomas Berry and an Earth Jurisprudence‘ An Essay (2002)

Bell, M., ‘Why we need an Earth Jurisprudence system in the comox valley’, a Presentation to the Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship (February 15 2009)

Berry, T. The Dream of the Earth (Sierra Club 1988)

Berry, T. The Universe Story (HarperOne 1994)

Brenan, T., ‘Stepping Stones‘ Ecologist (15 April 2013)

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Centre for Earth Jurisprudence, Groundswell Magazine

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Gaia Foundation, ‘Earth Ethics Series’, edited by Stephen Frank (2007-2009)

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Goodwin, B., Nature’s Due: Healing Our Fragmented Culture (Floris Books 2007)

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Gundidza, Method, Submission to UN Harmony with Nature EJ Dialogue 2016

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Naess, A., ‘The Shallow and the Deep, Long-Range Ecology Movement’, Inquiry 16 (1-4) 95 (1973)

Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Care for our Common Home (2016)

Resurgence, ‘Earth Democracy and Earth Justice’ 214 (September/October, 2002)

Shiva, V., Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainability, and Peace (London: Zed Books Ltd 2005)

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UN Harmony with Nature Report to the General Assembly 2016

Webb, C., ‘The Mystique of the Earth: The Vision of Thomas Berry for an Earth Democracy’, 59 Caduceus Magazine (April 2003)

*For the practice of EJ principles in communities’ governance systems please see Community Ecological Goveranance section below.


ABN and The Gaia Foundation, Earth Jurisprudence interviews  at Schumacher College (September 2009)

African Earth Jurisprudence Newsletters




Berry, Thomas, Earth is Community, DVD, Conference organised by Gaia Foundation and Green Spirit Books (September 2007)

Berry, T., Transitioning to an Ecozoic Future (Faith Community Church, March 1997). See website for further media.

Thomas Berry website

Centre for Earth Jurisprudence Protecting our Common Home webinar series

Ecozoic Times

Gaia Foundation Evening on Earth Ethics and Governance featuring Pat Siemen, Ng’ang’a Thiong’o, Jorge Ishizawa, Gurdial Singh Nijar, Carlos Mares and Silvia Gomez, 2 October 2009

Earth Jurisprudence – Peter Burdon and Mari Margil interview with Phillip Adams on ABC’s LateNightLive (17th October 2011)

Higgins, Polly, ‘Eradicating Ecocide: Laws and Governance To Prevent the Destruction of our Planet‘ (22 February 2012)

Mason, Ian.,The Principles of Earth Jurisprudence (24 September 2008)

Moore, Helen., Earth Justice poem, Henwen Publications, 2012

Nature is Speaking films by Conservation International

Planetary, by Guy Reid and Bulldogfilm. See here for trailer

United Natures film by Peter Downey (2013) featuring Earth Jurisprudence advocates. See here for trailer.

Earth Jurisprudence Practice – Community Ecological Governance

Community Ecological Governance is a a term developed by The Gaia Foundation, the African Biodiversity Network and partners to describe customary governance systems rooted in the laws of Earth.


African Biodiversity Network, Statement on Common African Customary Laws for the Protection of Sacred Natural Sites 2012 and Statement by African Custodian Communities on the Recognition and Protection of Sacred Natural Sites and Territories and Customary Governance Systems in Africa 2015

Bassey, N., Re-Source Democracy (HOMEF, 2014)

Bell, M., ‘What We Have Learned From Our Elders‘, (Toward the Development of the Nunavut Economic Strategy). A Discussion Paper (2003)

Berry, Sheila., Earth Jurisprudence and the Great Work of our time 2016

Berry, T., ‘The Creative Role of Elders in the Human Community’, 1/3 Second Journey 1 (2001)

Cullinan, C., Governing People as Members of the Earth Community (2014)  

Chennells, R., and The Gaia Foundation, Submission to the African Commission: A Call for Legal Recognition of Sacred Natural Sites and Territories and their Customary Governance Systems (2015)

Damtie, M., ‘Practicing Wild Law: The Ethiopian Experience‘, September 2008

Gaia Foundation and CEG Global Alliance, ‘Earth Jurisprudence Retreat: Principles and Practice for Community Ecological Governance’, Retreat at Schumacher College, 2009

Hopkins, R., The Transition Town Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience (Vermont: Chelsea Green Publishing, 2008)

Linzey, T,.with Campbell, A., Be The Change, How to Get What You Want in Your Community, (Gibbs Smith, October 2009)

Mahiber, M., ‘Communal Forest Ownership: An Option to Address the Underlying Causes of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Ethiopia?‘, Proceeding of a workshop held at Chilimo Forest and Ghion Hotel (25-27 November 2008)

McIntosh, Alasdair., Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power (London: Aurum Press Ltd, 2004)

Mugisha, R., Earth Jurisprudence and Food Sovereignty, presentation at NAPE workshop, March 2014

NEF, The Great Transition: A Tale of How It Turned Out Right (London, 19 October 2009)

Snowchange Cooperative ‘Life in the Cyclic World’ (2016)

Thuku, K. ‘The Sacred Footprint, A Story of the Karima Sacred Forest’, 2008


ABN, CEG Global Alliance and The Gaia Foundation, Changing the Ethics of Our Governance Systems From the Ground Up – Experiences from Africa, Asia and the Americas (2 October 2009)

ABN and The Gaia Foundation, A Call for Legal Recognition of Sacred Natural Sites and Territories, and their Customary Governance Systems (2015)

ABN and The Gaia Foundation: A Story Worth Remembering? Unearthing Africa’s Identity (Botswana 2009)

Jourdain, Loic, A Turning Tide in the Life of Man (2015)

Makulule, M., Earth Jurisprudence interview 2008

Mbokazi,. Lilhe, ‘I’ve been taught by Mother Earth’, EarthLore Foundation, South Africa 2016

Mupo Foundation and The Gaia Foundation, Reviving our Culture Mapping our Future film (2009)

NAPE and The Gaia Foundation Mining and its Impacts on Water, Food Sovereignty and Sacred Natural Sites and Territories 2014, and podcasts of the report launch and Earth Law

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, ‘Democracy Matters’.

Shiva, Vandana Pact for the Earth 2016 manifesto for sustainability

Sinem Saban, Damien Curtis and Yolngu tribe, ‘Our Generation’ trailer.

Kagole Margret Byarufu, ‘Voices from the Field: African Rural Women, Custodians of Seed and Traditional Knowledge’ in Terralingua Langscape Magazine Vol 5 Issue 2 (2016)

*For traditional knowledge and practices relating to Sacred Natural Sites please see section below.

Laws of Origin/Universe/Earth

Berry, T. and Swimme B., The Universe Story: From the Primordial Flaring Forth to the Ecozoic Era – a Celebration of the Unfolding of the Cosmos (San Francisco: Harper Collins 1994)

Campbell, C., ‘Creation Story‘, 255 Resurgence (July/August 2009)

Campbell, J., Historical Atlas of World Mythology: Vol. 2, The Way of the Seeded Earth (New York: Harper & Row, 1988)

Campbell, J., Historical Atlas of World Mythology: Vol. 1, The Way of the Animal Powers (London: Times Books, 1984)

Campbell, J., The Masks of God: Creative Mythology (New York: Viking Press, 1968)

Campbell, J., The Masks of God: Occidental Mythology (New York: Viking Press, 1964)

Campbell, J., The Masks of God: Oriental Mythology (New York: Viking Press, 1962)

Campbell, J., The Masks of God: Primitive Mythology (New York: Viking Press, 1959)

Cashford, J., Gaia – From Story of Origin to Universe Story, Gaia Foundation (2011)

Cashford, J., The Moon: Myth and Image (Four Walls Eight Windows 2003)

Cashford, J., and Baring, A., The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image (Penguin 1993)

Gomez, S. and Ortiz, N.,’Laws of Origin’ 255 Resurgence (July/August 2009)

Judge Weeramantry, Tread Lightly on the on the Earth: Religion, the Environment and the Human Future (World Future Council, 2009)

Maldonado, J. M., ‘Law of the Mother‘, 250 Resurgence (September/October 2008)

Narby, J., Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge (Phoenix 1999)

Reichel-Dolmatoff, G., The Forest within: World-view of the Tukano Amazonian Indians (Themis Books 1996)


Goodwin, B., Nature’s Due: Healing Our Fragmented Culture Gaia Evening podcast

Swimme, B., and Tucker, M., Journey of the Universe film and interview 2014

Blog on Religion and Rights of Nature

Sacred Natural Sites and Territories

Almashev, C., ‘Cultural Crossroads‘, 255 Resurgence (July/August 2009)

Gunn, A., & Thornton, C., Gaia report on ‘Sacred Sites: An Overview’ (2007)

Gaia Foundation and African Biodiversity Network, A Call for the Legal Recognition of Sacred Natural Sites and Territories, and their Customary Governance Systems (2015)

Hosken, L., ‘Potent Places‘, 255 Resurgence (July/August 2009)

Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Communities Conserved Areas and Territories ICCA Toolkit 2012

Institute for Culture and Ecology, Gaia Foundation and African Biodiversity Network, Recognising Sacred Natural Sites and Territories in Kenya, 2012

IUCN and UNESCO Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines No. 16, Sacred Natural Sites: Guidelines for Protected Area Managers 2008

IUCN Recommendation 102: Protected areas and other areas important for biodiversity in relation to environmentally damaging industrial activities and infrastructure development 2016

Lutzenberger, L., ‘Closer to the Sky‘, 255 Resurgence (July/August 2009)

NAPE and the Gaia Foundation, Mining and its Impacts on Water, Food Sovereignty and Sacred Natural Sites and Territories 2014

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Verschuuren, B., Wild, R., McNeely J. and Oviedo G. (eds.), ‘Sacred Natural Sites: Conserving Nature and Culture’, Earthscan (2010)


Reconnecting with the Sacred 2014 film by MELCA-Ethiopia

Revival 2015 film by MELCA Ethiopia and The Gaia Foundation

Sacred Voices 2012 film by the African Biodiversity Network and Gaia Foundation

Saving Sacred Lands: on US Radio show A World of Possibilities featuring interviews with Gathuru Mburu, Silvia Gomez, Liz Hosken and Toby McLeod at the International Conference of Ethnobiology in Tofino 2010.

Standing on Sacred Ground films 2014 by Christopher McLeod

Yaigoje Apaporis – traditional knowledge at the heart of protecting the Colombian Amazon 2014 by Association of Leaders of the Yaigoje Apaporis, Gaia Amazonas and Gaia Foundation

Rights of Nature

Barlow M., Bassey N., Biggs S., Cullinan C., Galleano E, Goldtooth T., Shiva V., Tutu D., The Rights of Nature: The case for a Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth (2011)

Barlow, M., Blue Future: Protecting Water for People and the Planet Forever (2014)

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Declaration – Blue Pavilion – Peoples’ Summit, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2012

Earth Law Centre Fighting for our Shared Future: Protecting Both Human Rights and Nature’s Rights (2016)

Indigenous Environment Network, Global Exchange & Movement Rights, ‘Rights of Nature & Mother Earth: Sowing the Seeds of Resistance, Love and Change’ (December 2015)

International Women’s Earth and Climate Initiative Declaration 2013

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United Nations  Harmony with Nature documents

York, S., People’s Rights, Planet’s Rights: Holistic Approaches to a Sustainable Population, (2012)


Bassey, Nnimmo ‘Justice for the Earth Community: Defending the Rights of Nature and Holding Corporations to Account‘ filmed interview, Gaia Foundation, September 2011

Bassey, Nnimmo ‘Justice for the Earth Community: Defending the Rights of Nature and Holding Corporations to Account‘, podcast, September 2011

Brenan, Tom, ‘Wild Law in the UK’ and Nadal, Carine (Gaia Foundation)., ‘Earth Law in Practice’ presentations at the Rights of Nature Conference, Nottingham Contemporary, UK video (January 2015)

Earth Law Centre Rights of Nature database

Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature International Rights of Nature Tribunal in Quito, Ecuador and Lima, Peru (2014) and Paris, France (2015) (see also film) with regional tribunals in U.S. (see also Web of Life Labyrinth) and in Australia.

Greene, Natalia., Rights of Nature interview at the Bioneers Conference (15 November  2011)

Ito, M., Rights of Nature, TEDxFindhorn 2016

Cullinan, Cormac., Earth Jurisprudence and Rights of Nature interview Democracy Matters Podcast (11 May 2011)

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Strickland, Melanie, A discussion about Rights of Nature and the Rio Earth Summit 2012 on ‘Radio Resonance 104.4fm‘ (February 2012)

Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth film

Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) webinar on ‘Rights of Nature: Protecting and Defending the Places We Live 2016

Wild Law

Wild Law is the implementation of Earth Jurisprudence principles in legal systems.


*Cullinan, C., Wild Law: A Manifesto for Earth Justice, (Green Books, 2002) and 2nd edition (2011)

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BBC Radio 4 Law in Action (20 January 2009) exploring the rights of ecosystems

BBC Radio 4’s Unreliable Evidence programme, 27th May 2009

Brenan, T., Permaculture and Wild Law interview 2014

Cullinan, Cormac and Moules, Richard interview, BBC World Service (12 April 2011)

Costing the Earth- Can Lawyers Save the World. Interviews including Gaia Foundation, Climate 9 and Polly Higgins

Ecocide mock trial in UK Supreme Court, organised by Polly Higgins and Hamilton Group. See Ecocide Act, trailer and film.

Ecocide Sentencing, Restorative Justice Event podcast 31st March – featuring the Gaia Foundation as voice of Earth and wider humanity

Kimbrell, Andrew., Natural Law: An Interview (24 September 2007)

Resonance FM 104.4 – Deep Fried Planet. Interviews including with Climate 9 and Gaia Foundation about climate change, direct action and Earth Jurisprudence.

Gaia Science and Resilience

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Future Generations

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Ministry for Future Generations


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Centre for Earth Jurisprudence syllabi

Deep Time Walk App

Earth Economics

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Harmony with Nature: Economics, Justice and Mother Earth, 3rd Interactive Dialogue on Harmony with Nature (May 2013)

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