Kawsay - Centro de Culturas Originarias (Bolivia)

Kawsay - Centre for Native Cultures is a non-governmental organization working with indigenous peoples and their socio-organizational processes. It was legally founded in 1999. The coordination office is in Cochabamba and work is carried out in La Paz, Oruro, Chuquisaca, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and Potosi.

"Kawsay" means "life" in the Quechua language. We contribute to the development processes of indigenous peoples from their own vision: sumak kawsay - suma qamaña - teko kavi - in other words, holistic development for a full life and for balance between all beings in the cosmos. Our work is guided by the strengthening of organizational processes, cultural identity and educational proposals of indigenous peoples.

The organization works within the territorial, community and cultural education, to generate analysis and the construction proposals, for indigenous cultures to create their own contributions to modern societies. It promotes the study and application of the rights of indigenous peoples, the strengthening of positive proposals for communities and the worldview of indigenous cultures. Kawsay also organizes courses, seminars, workshops, exchanges and research to share knowledge, generate dialogue and build knowledge in the following areas: Intercultural Education; Human Rights and Indigenous Rights; Community Eco-production; Endogenous Research; Community Ecotourism; Climate Change; Indigenous Women's Rights

Kawsay joined the Gaia Foundation and other partners at a meeting in Leticia, in 2003, to form the Global Alliance for Community Ecological Governance.

Contact details:
J. Crisostomo Carrillo No.0844, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Tel: 452 7037
Fax: 452 7038
Web: www.kawsay-unik.org