• Victory! African Commission Passes Resolution to Protect Sacred Natural Sites

News & Press

On ‘Food Sovereignty Day’ La Via Campesina launches publication that calls for a massive change in the current agro-food systems
Winter talks with George Monbiot, Shaun Chamberlin, Peter & Annabelle Macfadyen and Susanna Rustin
Gaia stands in solidarity with Amah Mutsun’s campaign to protect Place of the Big Head
Tree conference invites citizen-led initiatives for Global Reforestation, The Ecologist
Gaia joins nearly 100 Organisations Condemning UN Aviation Agency’s Biofuel Plans
Revive, Decolonise, Transform: Meet Africa’s First Earth Jurisprudence Graduates
We’re Recruiting! UK Seed Programme Regional Coordinators & Gaia Internships
Africa’s first class of Earth Jurisprudence practitioners graduate
Learning from Nature’s Laws and Lores, Gaia in The Ecologist
Sneak preview of We Feed the World in final issue of Farming Matters

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