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True wisdom consists in not departing from Nature and in moulding our conduct according to her laws and model. Seneca, ancient Roman Philosopher

This living library holds some of the materials on Earth Jurisprudence/Earth Law, and interrelated knowledge systems including Laws of Origin, Wild Law, Community Ecological Governance, Gaia Science and Resilience, and Future Generations.

Thank you to all those contributing to the revival and practice of Earth Jurisprudence/Earth Law for sharing your wisdom and work.

Please do contact the Gaia Foundation to recommend additional materials for this Living Library.

Earth Jurisprudence

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Earth Jurisprudence on Wikipedia.

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United Natures, directed by Peter Downey, 1 June 2013 featuring Earth Jurisprudence advocates including Dr Vandana Shiva, Cormac Cullinan, Polly Higgins, Linda Sheehan and Dr Stephan Harding. See here for trailer.

Thomas Berry's 10 Principles of Earth Jurisprudence. See other statements of Earth Law Principles

Laws of Origin / Creation

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Saving Sacred Lands: on US Radio show A World of Possibilities. Featuring interviews with Gathuru Mburu, Silvia Gomez, Liz Hosken and Toby McLeod about sacred sites and local communities/guardians of these sites at the International Conference of Ethnobiology in Tofino 2010.

Community Ecological Governance

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Sinem Saban, Damien Curtis and Yolngu tribe, 'Our Generation' trailer.

Venda Eco-mapping film

Wild Law

Wild Law is the implementation of Earth Law principles in law.

Cullinan, C., Wild Law: A Manifesto for Earth Justice, (Green Books, Totnes, 2002). The 2nd edition (2011) includes a new preface, postscript and the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth 2010.

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Submissions to the United Nations' Rio +20 Summit calling for Earth-centred governance by the Alliance for Future Generations, Earth Law Centre, Global Alliance for Rights of Nature, Wild Law UK, Planetary Boundaries Initiative.


Cormac Cullinan and Richard Moules discuss some of the fundamental principles of the Law of Mother Earth. Hosted by the BBC World Service (12 April 2011).

Thomas Linzey and Mari Margil interview environmental attorney Cormac Cullinan, author of Wild Law, on the radio show Democracy Matters Podcast. Cullinan talks about the Rights of Nature (2 May 2011).

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BBC Radio 4 Law in Action. Exploration of the rights of ecosystems.

BBC Radio 4's Unreliable Evidence programme, 27th May 2009. A debate on Wild Law and climate change.

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Costing the Earth- Can Lawyers Save the World. Interviews including Gaia Foundation, Climate 9 and Polly Higgins.

Ecocide mock trial in UK Supreme Court, organised by Polly Higgins and Hamilton Group. See trailer and film.

Ecocide Sentencing, Restorative Justice Event 31st March - featuring the Gaia Foundation as voice of Earth and wider humanity (part 1 of 2)

Nnimmo Bassey, 'Justice for the Earth Community: Defending the Rights of Nature and Holding Corporations to Account', short film at Gaia Foundation, September 2011.

Nnimmo Bassey, 'Justice for the Earth Community: Defending the Rights of Nature and Holding Corporations to Account', podcast, September 2011.

Resonance FM 104.4 - Deep Fried Planet. Interviews including with Climate 9 and Gaia Foundation about climate change, direct action and Earth Jurisprudence.

Trees Have Rights Too. Global social movement for a Universal Declaration on Planetary Rights.

Wild Frontiers. Online community forum set up by Comac Cullinan to share wisdom and experience on Wild Law.

Wild Law Facebook group.

Rights of Nature and Ecocide

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Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature's Ethics Tribunal for the Rights of Nature 2014 - Preliminary court hearings included defence of the Rights of Nature from mining.

Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature film 2014

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Mock Ecocide trial in UK Supreme Court, 2011 and Restorative Justice Process 2012

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Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth - a short film.

Gaia Science and Resilience

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Future Generations

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Ipsos MORI opinion poll on the British public in November 2011, commissioned by the Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development and Intergenerational Foundation, found a majority of people placed the needs of future generations of all people living on Earth above future generations of their own family, and over a fifth of people place the needs of future generations of all "plants and animals living on Earth" first.

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Centre for Earth Jurisprudence syllabi