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Our limited edition Anniversary 2016 Calendar To mark our 30th anniversary year we have produced a limited edition calendar which celebrates the beauty of the planet and explores themes of our work over three decades. Through twelve carefully selected images we travel from the Amazon to Africa, from the indigenous communities of Colombia to the hills of Ethiopia. Please consider supporting our work by purchasing a calendar. Read more...
From Amazon to Africa: Celebrating 30 years of The Gaia Foundation For 30 years The Gaia Foundation has been a home for some of the world’s most prominent change-makers, and played a central role in the growing movements for environmental, social and climate justice. Now you can delve deeper into our history, motivations and approach by visiting our exhibition at Burgh House, North London this October 2015 through to February 2016 . Read more...
Podcast: How the myth of infinite growth and hyperconsumption are destroying Earth In a new interview with Sputnik Radio Philippe Sibaud, Gaia trustee and author of our Short Circuit and Pandora's Box reports, discusses how the global mania for electronic gadgets is destroying large swathes of Earth. Change must come from the grassroots, says Philippe, and in response to the destruction a common message is emerging around the world: 'Enough is Enough!'. Read more...
Our Resistance, Our Hope: Unity statement from the International People's Conference on Mining At the recent International People's Conference on Mining in Manila, Philippines, The Gaia Foundation and our Ghanaian partner CIKOD united with other delegates and several members of the Yes to Life, No to Mining Network to make a unity statement affirming the delegates' commitment to work to end wanton extractivism, in solidarity with one another and with our living planet. Read more...


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Our world seems to get smaller and bigger at the same time. It gets smaller through the numbers of people who demand commodity rights over its life processes.
Affirmation and Resistance: Exploring the Challenges of an Ecological Activism

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Reflecting on his experiences at the recent International People's Conference in Manila, Gaia's Communications and Advocacy Officer Hal Rhoades makes...
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