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The Gaia Foundation works with local and indigenous communities, civil society groups and social movements to restore a respectful relationship with the Earth. Together, we are reviving bio-cultural diversity, regenerating healthy food and ecosystems, enhancing community ecological governance, building resilience to climate change and challenging corporate dominance.

Gaia Foundation - Seed, Food and Climate

Seed, Food & Climate

Supporting small farmers, especially women, to enhance their indigenous knowledge and seed varieties, to be food secure and to safeguard diversity for generations to come.

  • Trainings with farmers and communities to strengthen the food sovereignty movement in Africa.
  • UK and Ireland Seed Sovereignty Programme.
  • We Feed the World photographic exhibition - website coming soon.
  • FILM TRILOGY: Seeds of Freedom, Seeds of Sovereignty & Seeds of Justice: in the hands of farmers. Find out more (off site)
  • REPORT: Celebrating African Rural Women: Custodians of Seed, Food and Traditional Knowledge for Climate Change Resilience. Download Report (PDF)
Gaia Foundation - Land and Spirit

Land & Spirit

Protecting sacred natural sites and territories, and the rights of traditional custodians, through legislation, policy, inter-generational learning and habitat restoration.

  • Exchanges, mapping and participatory tools to protect sacred places and raise the collective voices of custodians.
  • REPORT: A Call for Legal Recognition of Sacred Natural Sites and Territories and their Customary Governance Systems. Download Report (PDF)
  • FILM: Yaigoje Apaporis: traditional knowledge at the heart of protecting the Colombian Amazon. Watch Video (off site)
  • FILM: Sacred Voices, the messages of African custodians of sacred natural sites. Watch Video (off site)
  • Working with elders and youth for bio-cultural diversity to thrive.

Gaia Foundation - Beyond Extractivism

Beyond Extractivism

Backing communities and social movements at the front line of mining struggles and other industrial threats to defend their ecological and cultural heritage and build alternative pathways.

Gaia Foundation - Governance and Ethics

Gaia, Governance & Ethics

A growing global movement committed to systemic change through the philosophy and practice of Earth Jurisprudence, which recognizes nature as the primary source of law and ethics.